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About RentalQ.

Rental Q’s vision was simple: Create an app that simplifies and speeds up the rental application process.

Being property managers ourselves, we know the frustration of processing rental applications.

While we designed the app to help a tenant get approved for a rental property quicker, the real goal was to speed up and take away the manual processing of reference checks for PMs.

The Rental Q dashboard is in its early stages of development, but its first goal is to allow property managers to view tenants’ fully processed rental applications.

The tenant’s app, once filled out, sends and receives all the relevant checks so by the time it gets to you, the property manager, the reference checking has been completed. All you need to do is seek owner approval and start the onboarding process of your new tenant.

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Applications Processed in Full

Our System will completely check all rental applications for you,
taking your processing time from days to minutes!

Multiple References Checks

Complete One Reference per tenant, all online. No more faxes or chasing tenant checks!

Document Control

No more part applications or missing documents!

Easy to Use

Work smarter not harder, concentrate on approving not processing applications

Simplify Your Life

RentalQ speeds up your application process and we are releasing it for free to the real estate community

Bye! Paper applications.

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