Frequenty Asked Questions

Can Tenants see the references we provide ?

While the RentalQ system will send a courtesy notification to advise the tenant that their rental reference has been completed, only the registered Property Manager will be able to access any of the information provided through the secure and confidential RentalQ system.

What if I forget my password ?

In the event of a forgotten password it can easily be reset using the registered email address linked to your account and by following the forgotten password prompts on the account login portal.

Are my references & data secure ?

The RentalQ system has been designed to incorporate the latest software and technology to ensure that any data stored within the RentalQ system is kept secure.

What can owners see when application is forwarded ?

To simplify the process and comply with current privacy legislation landlords are provided with a redacted summary of the tenancy application containing basic information such as number of occupants, summary of rental and employment history and any other relevant information accompanying the application. The landlord summary does not contain any copies of identifiable or private information.

Can owners see the tenants’ personal details ?

Compliant with current privacy legislation the RentalQ system provides landlords with a redacted summary of the tenancy application, which does not contain any personal or identifiable information with the exception of the applicant’s name and basic information.

Does this comply with Privacy Act and how does this comply with the privacy act ?

To ensure full compliancy with current privacy legislation the RentalQ system has been developed through extensive consultation with our legal team to ensure that the private and confidential data of our users is respected and kept confidential.

How much does it cost to sign up ?

Absolutely nothing! As Property Managers ourselves we understand the importance of effective time management and efficiency creating the RentalQ system to further streamline the application experience while saving valuable time not only for ourselves but also for our clients, prospective tenants and other agents.

What if I need help or have any questions ?

As active users of the system and with a history in the property management industry ourselves our friendly customer support team are on hand to assist and can be easily contacted with any questions or technical support you may required. Support can be obtained by submitting a completed support request on the contact us page of our website.

Who do we contact for information ?

For further information or a demonstration of the RentalQ system please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team by completing a support request through our website.

Is the dashboard & mobile app easy to understand ?

As a product designed by property managers for the property management industry, the RentalQ system has been designed to ensure users enjoy a streamlined, intuitive and easy to understand experience. With continual product redevelopment and refinement based on real world application and client feedback, RentalQ is committed to providing the ultimate solution for its users.

Will I know if an owner views application information ?

Utilizing a system of status prompts and updates the RentalQ system keeps potential tenants informed of the status of their rental application by issuing courtesy notifications at each stage of the rental application process therefore eliminating the need to manually keep prospective applicants up to date bewen working on the above, where should be display this info

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